What do Sparrowhawks look like

by Victor

Sparrowhawks are one of the most common birds of prey found in Europe and Asia. These small raptors are known for their agility and speed, as well as their sharp talons and powerful beaks. In this article, we will discuss the physical characteristics of sparrowhawks and provide information on their appearance, size, and coloration.

  • Appearance:

Sparrowhawks are medium-sized birds of prey with a compact body and short, broad wings. Their wingspan can range from 55 to 75 centimeters, and they typically weigh between 100 and 200 grams. Female sparrowhawks are larger than males, and they have longer wings and tails.

The head of a sparrowhawk is small and rounded, with a sharp, hooked beak and large eyes set forward on the face. The eyes are yellow or orange and are surrounded by a thin, white eyebrow. Sparrowhawks have a short, thick neck and a broad, muscular chest. The legs are short and strong, and the feet have sharp talons that are used for grasping prey.

  • Coloration:

Sparrowhawks have a distinctive coloration that helps them blend into their surroundings. The back and wings of an adult sparrowhawk are dark brown, with narrow white bars on the wings. The breast and underparts are light brown with dark streaks, and the tail is long and square-tipped, with several dark bands.

Juvenile sparrowhawks have a brown back and wings with a buff-colored breast and underparts. They also have brown streaks on their breast and underparts, which gradually disappear as they mature. The eyes of juvenile sparrowhawks are yellow, while the eyes of adult birds are orange or red.

In summary, sparrowhawks are medium-sized raptors with a compact body, short broad wings, sharp talons, and a powerful beak. They have a distinctive coloration that includes dark brown wings with white bars, a light brown breast with dark streaks, and a long, square-tipped tail with several dark bands. Knowing these physical characteristics can help birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts identify sparrowhawks in the wild.

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