How long do European robins live in the wild UK

by Victor
European robin lifespan

The European robin (Erithacus rubecula) is a small bird that is commonly found throughout the United Kingdom. This popular garden bird is known for its distinctive red breast, melodious song and friendly disposition. But how long do European robins live in the wild in the UK? In this article, we will explore the lifespan of European robins and the factors that can influence their survival in the wild.

Life expectancy of European robins in the wild

The average lifespan of a wild robin in the UK is around 1.1 years. However, some robins can live much longer than this. The oldest known wild robin in the UK lived for 8 years and 5 months. This individual was ringed as an adult in 1996 and was recaptured in 2004, 2006 and 2008 before dying in 2009.

Factors that influence the lifespan of European robins

There are several factors that can influence the lifespan of robins in the wild. These include:

  • 1. Predation:

Predators such as cats, sparrowhawks and foxes can all pose a threat to robins, especially during the breeding season when adults are more vulnerable.

  • 2. Disease:

Like all animals, robins can be susceptible to diseases such as avian pox and salmonellosis. These can affect their survival and breeding success.

  • 3. Weather:

Harsh weather conditions such as cold winters and dry summers can impact the availability of food and water for robins, which can in turn affect their survival.

  • 4. Habitat loss:

The loss of suitable habitat, such as hedgerows and woodland edges, can reduce the availability of nesting sites and food sources for robins.

  • 5. Human activities:

Activities such as pesticide use, road building and urbanisation can all have a negative impact on robins and their habitat.

In conclusion, the average lifespan of a wild robin in the UK is around 1.1 years, but some individuals can live for much longer. A number of factors can influence the survival of robins in the wild, including predation, disease, weather, habitat loss and human activities. To help protect robins and other wildlife, it is important that we take steps to conserve their habitats and reduce the impact of human activities on the natural world.

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