What is a Young Eagle Called?

by Victor
what is a young eagle called

Eagles are known for their majestic appearance and powerful flying abilities. These birds of prey are highly respected by people all around the world, and have played important roles in cultures and religions throughout history. Eagles are also known for their longevity, with some species living up to 30 years or more. But did you know that eagles go through several stages of development before they become full-grown adults? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the life cycle of eagles and explore what a young eagle is called.

Life Cycle of Eagles

Like all birds, eagles begin their lives as eggs. Female eagles typically lay two or three eggs at a time, which hatch after about 35 days of incubation. The young eaglets are born blind and helpless, covered in white downy feathers. They rely completely on their parents for food and protection during their first few weeks of life.

As the eaglets grow, they develop their signature dark brown feathers and distinctive hooked beaks. They also become more active and curious, often poking and prodding at each other and exploring their surroundings. The parents continue to bring food back to the nest, sometimes in the form of live prey like fish, snakes, or small mammals. The eaglets learn how to tear the flesh off their meals and swallow it whole using their powerful beaks and talons.

After about six weeks, the young eagles are ready to leave the nest and take their first flight. This is a critical moment in their development, as they must use their wings to glide and maneuver through the air without crashing to the ground. The first flight is usually short and clumsy, but over time the eaglets become more skilled and confident as they practice flying and hunting.

As the eaglets grow older, they gradually become independent from their parents and start to establish their own territories. They may travel long distances in search of food, mates, or suitable nesting sites. Eagles that survive to adulthood can live for many years and may mate for life with a single partner.

What is a Young Eagle Called?

So, what is a young eagle called? The answer depends on the age of the bird. When eagles first hatch from their eggs, they are called eaglets or hatchlings. This term applies to all newborn eagles, whether they are male or female or belong to any specific species.

As the eaglets grow and develop their flight feathers, they become known as fledglings. This is the stage when the young birds are learning how to fly and hunt on their own, but still rely on their parents for food and protection. Fledglings typically stay close to the nest and continue to receive regular visits from their parents until they are able to fend for themselves.

Once the young eagles have mastered their flying and hunting skills, they are considered juveniles. Juvenile eagles have full adult plumage, but may not yet have developed the distinctive white head and tail feathers that some species are known for. They are also sexually immature and cannot reproduce until they reach sexual maturity, which can take anywhere from four to six years depending on the species.

In some cases, people may use the terms “eaglet,” “fledgling,” and “juvenile” interchangeably to refer to any young eagle that has not yet reached full adulthood. However, it’s important to note that these terms do have specific meanings and are used to describe different stages of development.


Eagles are fascinating creatures that have captured the imaginations of people all over the world. From their impressive size and strength to their graceful flight and predatory skill, eagles are truly remarkable animals. And while many people may be familiar with the adult versions of these birds, few may know about the stages of development that eagles go through before they become full-grown adults.

In summary, a young eagle is called an eaglet when it first hatches from its egg. As the bird grows and develops its flying and hunting skills, it becomes a fledgling. And once it has matured into a fully feathered, sexually immature bird with some adult plumage, it is considered a juvenile. By understanding the different stages of development in eagles, we can gain a greater appreciation for these amazing birds and their life cycle.

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