Where Ddo Scarlet Minivet Live?

by Victor
scarlet minivet

The scarlet minivet (Pericrocotus flammeus) is a strikingly beautiful bird known for its vibrant plumage and melodious song. Found in various parts of Asia, this small passerine species has captivated bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. In this article, we will delve into the habitat and distribution of the scarlet minivet, shedding light on the regions where this avian wonder calls home.

Habitat of the Scarlet Minivet:

The scarlet minivet inhabits a diverse range of habitats, showcasing its adaptability to different environments. These habitats include tropical and subtropical forests, deciduous forests, bamboo thickets, and mixed woodlands. They can also be found in secondary growth forests, gardens, and cultivated areas with tree cover.


The scarlet minivet has a broad distribution across Asia, with its range extending from the Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia and parts of East Asia. Here are some key regions where the scarlet minivet can be found:

Indian Subcontinent:

In the Indian subcontinent, the scarlet minivet is distributed across countries such as India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. It can be found in various forested areas, including the Himalayan foothills, Western Ghats, and the northeastern states of India.

Southeast Asia:

The scarlet minivet is prevalent in several countries in Southeast Asia, including Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It can be found in a variety of forested habitats in these regions, from lowland rainforests to montane forests.


Within China, the scarlet minivet is found in the southern and southwestern parts of the country. It can be spotted in provinces such as Yunnan, Guangxi, and Guangdong. The bird prefers wooded areas, forests, and mountain slopes.


Taiwan is another location where the scarlet minivet can be observed. It is found in the forests and woodlands of the island, including the central mountain ranges and the eastern part of Taiwan.


In the Philippines, the scarlet minivet is present in certain regions, particularly in Luzon, the country’s largest island. It can be found in forests, wooded areas, and mountainous regions.

Other Range Extensions:

The scarlet minivet’s distribution extends to other parts of Asia as well, including parts of Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Conservation Status

The Scarlet Minivet is classified as a species of “Least Concern” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This means that their populations are stable and not currently facing any major threats.

However, like many other bird species, Scarlet Minivets are at risk of habitat loss due to deforestation, logging, and agricultural expansion. In addition, they are sometimes hunted for their feathers, which are used in traditional costumes and decorations.

Conservation efforts are important to ensure that Scarlet Minivets continue to thrive in their natural habitats. Some of these efforts include the establishment of protected areas, reforestation projects, and education campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of preserving forest ecosystems.


The scarlet minivet’s captivating appearance and melodic song make it a prized species for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. With its wide distribution across Asia, from the Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia and parts of East Asia, the scarlet minivet thrives in various forested habitats. By understanding its habitat preferences and distribution, we can appreciate and work towards the conservation of this stunning avian species, ensuring its continued presence in the natural world for future generations to enjoy.

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