What is Tibetan rosefinch?

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what is Tibetan rosefinch

The Tibetan rosefinch (Carpodacus roborowskii), also known as Roborovski’s rosefinch, is a species of rosefinch in the finch family Fringillidae.

What does Tibetan rosefinch look like?

The body length of The Tibetan rosefinch is about 170-180 mm; bill peak 13.5 mm; wing 123 mm; tail 90 mm; tarsus 21 mm.

Male: the forehead, front of the head, eyes, cheeks, around the eyes and the side of the head are black and red, and the back of the head is also black and red but lighter and brighter. The back and shoulders are rose-colored with light gray trim, and the waist and tail are covered with light rose-colored feathers. The tail is dark brown, with rose-colored feather margins, the wing coverts are light gray slightly stained with rose color and have rose-colored feather margins, and the large wing coverts have white tips. Flight feathers brownish black, outer feathers with narrow rose-coloured margins, inner flight feathers margins and tips white. The chin and throat are black-red with silvery white spots, the rest of the underparts are rose-colored and slightly purple-stained, the belly and undertail coverts are lighter and pale rose-colored, and the axillary feathers and wing-coverts are white.

Female: grayish-brown upper body with dark longitudinal stripes, indistinct or no longitudinal stripes on the waist and lower tail coverts, light gray feather margins on the upper tail coverts, grayish-brown wing coverts with light feather margins, flight feathers and tail feathers dark brown with a narrow white margin. The chin, throat, and chest are yellowish-white with dark longitudinal stripes, the abdomen, two flanks and undertail coverts are white, and the two flanks have dark longitudinal stripes.

The iris is dark brown or dark hazelnut, the male beak is brown or yellow or slate gray, the female is yellow, and the feet are brown.

Tibetan rosefinch habitat

Tibetan rosefinch is a kind of alpine and plateau desert bird, which inhabits the alpine rocky slopes, grasslands, and plateau wilderness with scattered shrubs and sparse plants growing from 4,000 meters above sea level to near the snow line on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Tibetan rosefinch living habit

Tibetan rosefinches are resident birds. They are active alone or in pairs, and in autumn, they also form family groups or small groups to move and forage on the ground. Good at running on the ground, seldom tweeting. Mainly feed on the seeds of alpine herbaceous plants, but also eat young leaves and shrub fruits and seeds.

Distribution area of Tibetan rosefinch

Tibetan rosefinch is a bird species native to China. It is only distributed in Qinghai, and it is distributed in the Burhan Buda Mountains at the source of the Yellow River, the Buqing Mountains north of Zhaling Lake and the Chuma River Basin.

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