What is Collared falconet

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Collared falconet

The collared falconet (Microhierax caerulescens) is a species of bird of prey in the family Falconidae. Almost as large as the Eurasian tree sparrow, it is one of the smallest raptors in the world. The typical features are white forehead, a wide white eyebrow line on the eyes, connected with the white collar on the upper back through the ear coverts, white cheek and ear coverts, and a thick line from the front of the eyes. Black eye-lines run obliquely down the eyes to the ears.

What does collared falconet look like

The collared falconet is a small bird of prey, very small compared to other ferocious and majestic eagles. Its forehead is white, there is a wide white eyebrow line on the eyes, and the ear coverts are connected with the white collar on the upper back. The cheeks and ear coverts are white, and there is a thick black line from the front of the eyes. The eye lines pass through the eyes diagonally down to the ears. The rest of the upper body, including the wings and tail feathers, are black with a blue-green metallic sheen. The forehead, brow lines, and upper back collar are white, and the eye lines are black. The throat is dark brown, the chest and abdomen are dark brown, the flanks, the undertail coverts and the leg feathers are dark brown, the underwings are white when flying, the inner flaps and tail of the flight feathers have white horizontal spots, and the inner primary flight feathers are dark brown. There are white spots at the base of the feathers. The flanks, undertail coverts and leg coverts are dark brown.

The juvenile is similar to the adult, but the forehead, eyebrow lines, face and neck feathers are more or less brown, the breast is whiter, and the upper body and wing coverts have light brown feathers.

Iris brown, mouth slate blue, tip sometimes greenish black, feet and toes black.

Size measurement: weight 30-50 grams; body length 190-200 mm

Collared falconet habitat

Inhabits open forests and forest margins, especially forest valleys, and sometimes moves to mountain foot plains and forest margins.

Collared falconet living habit

The collared falconets are resident birds. It often moves alone, or quickly flaps its wings to fly among the trees, or interspersed with gliding, or perches quietly on the tops of dead trees. Sex is timid. The call is thin and high-pitched.

Collared falconet diet

Feeds mainly on small birds, frogs, lizards and insects. The way of predation is mainly by flying in the air, constantly looking for and hunting various insects and small birds, and standing on trees in open areas, observing the activities of ground animals, and flying down to hunt immediately after finding them.

Distribution area of  Collared falconet

Distributed in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam.

Mode of reproduction

The breeding season is from April to June. It nests in decayed tree holes, and lays 4-5 eggs per nest. The eggs are oval in shape, dirty yellowish white in color, with red spots. Parent birds have strong nest protection.

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