What is Black-thighed falconet

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Black-thighed falconet

The black-thighed falconet (Microhierax fringillarius) is one of the smallest birds of prey, typically measuring between 14–16 cm (5.5–6.3 in) long, with a 27–32 cm (11–13 in) wingspan, which is a size comparable to a typical sparrow. It is native to Brunei Darussalam, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and vagrant to Sri Lanka.

What does Black-thighed falconet look like

The black-thighed falconet, almost as big as a sparrow, is the smallest bird of prey in the world. Typical features are light to dark brown throat, belly, and legs. The adult black-thighed falconet is black from the top of the head, back to the tail, with white patches around the eyes extending behind the ear feathers, and a large white spot on the lower part of the tail. The eyes are black, the mouth is black and gray, and the feet are black.

Black-thighed falconet living habit

The black-thighed falconets is a resident bird with no subspecies. It likes to move in pairs. It often gathers in small groups to prey on amphibians or large insects in open tree areas. The head nods and the tail twitches slightly while watching for prey. In the Malay Peninsula, they occur in dead plants, open spaces, and various forest edges and public green spaces.

What do Black-thighed falconets eat

The main food of the black-thighed falconets is arthropods (mostly insects), including winged termites, butterflies and moths, dragonflies, bees, beetles, Orthoptera insects (such as locusts, praying mantises, etc.) and cicadas; at the same time, They also prey on bass.

Distribution area of Black-thighed falconet

This species is mainly distributed in Southeast Asia, such as southern Myanmar, southwestern Thailand, the Malay Peninsula and Indonesia.

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