What is a Chinese sparrowhawk

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Chinese sparrowhawk

The Chinese sparrowhawk (Accipiter soloensis) is a bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. Length: 27-36 cm, weight 108-132 g. The head to back is blue-gray, and the wings and tail feathers are gray-brown. It inhabits mountain forests and forest margins, and is also found in small patches of jungle in low mountain hills and foothill plains. It mainly feeds on animal food such as frogs and lizards, and also eats small birds, rodents and insects.

What does Chinese sparrowhawk look like

Adult bird: the upper body is light blue-gray, the back feather tips are slightly white, the outer tail feathers have inconspicuous black horizontal spots; the lower body is white, the chest and two ribs are slightly pink, the two ribs have light gray horizontal stripes, and the legs are also slightly horizontal pattern. The underwings of adult birds are characterized by being almost completely white except for the black tips of the primary flight feathers. Juvenile: brown upperparts, dark horizontal spots on the tail, white underparts, longitudinal stripes on the throat, brown horizontal spots on the chest and legs.

Iris – red or brown; mouth – gray, black tip, orange cere; feet – orange.

Chinese sparrowhawk habitat

The Chinese sparrowhawk inhabits montane forests and forest margins, and can also be found in small patches of jungle in low mountain hills and foothill plains, on the edge of farmland and near villages. It often moves alone or in small groups, and often rests on tree tops or telephone poles when resting.

Chinese sparrowhawk living habit

Hi open forest area. It is good at hiding and alert, and often hides in the leaves, and sometimes perches on isolated branches in open spaces. sunrise sex. It is more active alone, and sometimes it uses the rising thermal air to hover and soar in the air. When hovering, its wings often press down and shake. Territorial is very strong. Predators move fast, sometimes hovering overhead. During the breeding season, a series of fast and sharp nasal flute sounds are made, and the pitch drops.

What do Chinese sparrowhawks eat

It mainly feeds on animal food such as frogs and lizards, and also eats small birds, rodents and insects. It mainly preys on the ground, often standing in high places such as tree tops, and suddenly rushes down to prey when it sees prey.

Distribution area of Chinese sparrowhawk

Distributed in Cambodia, China, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia and Indochina Peninsula.

Mode of reproduction

The Chinese sparrowhawk breeds from May to June, and the male eagle is very excited at this time, often excitedly making a showy call like “Keee-Keee” to the opposite sex, even when it is building a nest, it also keeps whistling. The eagle’s nest is located on the bushes in the forest. It is made of dead branches and green leaves. Each nest lays 2-5 eggs, with a size of 34-38 mm × 29-30 mm. The eggs are light blue and white with inconspicuous brown spots. During the 30 days when the female eagle was incubating alone, fresh green leaves were added every day as bedding for the nest, which may be related to the need to maintain a certain humidity in the nest during the incubation period.

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